Welcome to the Kozyak Minority Mentoring Foundation’s website. On behalf of the Board and hundreds of supporting judges and lawyers and hundreds of current and past mentees, we welcome the opportunity to help each minority law student in Florida succeed and to maximize her/his law school experience.

We invite you to our signature event, the Annual Minority Mentoring Picnic, which takes place each November at Amelia Earhart Park and to learn more about being a mentor or mentee. Please take the time to watch the videos from prior picnics to get a feel for what happens when you bring in minority students from every law school in Florida and have them greeted and joined by more than two thousand judges, lawyers, law school administrators and guests.

During the past twelve years we have helped match more than a thousand minority law students and actually have a waiting list of outstanding, experienced judges and lawyers eager to assist. This is a low cost, high impact, rewarding, fun program and we encourage you to read more about the opportunities to get involved.

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